Big lake perch can be hard to target at summertime, but not impossible. Torben Christensen and Jess Glargaard from Kinetic prefer to search the open water areas for larger fish using natural bait and light tackle. One of the favorite set ups is to use a light Goodspeed G2 8´ rod, a size 2500 TiCA reel and a sliding float or a bottom bouncing with fluorocarbon leader and a size 4 Lazer Trokar TK400 hook

The big perch are usually scarce and hard to find but once you succeed they are vicious predators who don’t mind attacking a fair size roach or even turning into cannibalism when attacking one of their own!

Last weekend Torben and Jess went perch fishing in a large Danish lake. In total the two of them managed to catch and release five huge perch. The “smallest” one was an impressive 1200g perch and the two biggest took the scale to 1540 and 1580g.

When using natural bait it is important not to hesitate too long before setting the hooks. Allow only a few seconds to pass after a large perch attacks the bait and then strike. This way the fish will be hooked in the outer part of the mouth and can easily be released unharmed again.

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