The new Scierra website has been received with great enthusiasm and applause, and especially the news and river report sections are receiving heavy traffic. Check out the website here

Furthermore, the Scierra Facebook site is growing rapidly, and with the current growth rate, it won’t be long before it reaches 5.000 enthusiastic friends. Visit the site here: and participate in our latest competition: (There are great prizes to be won).

With the addition of Russ Owen, we now have nine consultants in five different EU countries. Attached you’ll find a picture of our Croatian Scierra consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, who recently did some extremely exciting fly fishing from his belly boat for lake trout and rainbow trout. More will follow…

Also, Rasmus Ovesen has experienced some hectic fly fishing for sea trout lately with more than 20 fish landed in three trips (+ some additional mackrel and cod). The biggest fish have measured in the vicinity of 57cm, and they have been in great summer condition. Cutthroat Gobius and Copper Bully flies have been the right flies for the job, and the action has been most hectic in the wee hours of the day.

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