At Nordic Sea Anglings camp on Sørøya in Norway one of the hottest areas for fishing is called “Storskalltaren”. This area is a plateau placed in the open ocean. There’s no shelter against wind and waves and for obvious safety reasons trips out here are only done by several boats sailing together and in the best of weather.

“The latest trip out there was one of those days that will be remembered for a long time, says camp magager and fishing guide Johan Mikkelsen. Several large cod up to 20 kilos and saithe up to 11 kilos were caught, but even more remarkable was the halibut fishing. Usually halibut fishing is a matter of patience and dedication, but this day the large flatfish were really active. All boats caught halibut and besides halibut below 125cm at least 10 halibut in the range from 125cm up to 167cm (approximately 25 to 67kg) were caught”. Almost all of these fish were released unharmed after a fast photosession.”

This day the best method was to use deadbait like small saithe on a Magic Minnow Halibut Anti Twist Rig. While drifting 1-1.5 knots, the rig was slowly retrieved from the bottom up to midwater and then lowered back down again.”

As usual jig fishing was also a great tactic for large halibuts. The biggest caught on jig was a 145 cm fish that attacked a 480 g Magic Minnow Big Bob jig in the Cola Cacao color.

As mentioned trips to Storskalltaren are only done in calm weather. Trips out there and fantastic fishing like on the latest trip is not to be expected every day. Closer to Sørøya there’s plenty of other options for great fishing. The cod fishing is some of the best found in Norway and the Big Bob jig continues to haul in big fish. Lately Nordic Sea Angling guide Erik Axner has caught 4 cods over 20 kilos using the Big Bob jig.


All photos from Johan Mikkelsen /

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