This Solid stainless steel lip grip is a perfect tool for landing, handling and weighing all kind of toothy predators in both fresh- and saltwater. Release the grip to get a firm but strong hold of the lower jaw and you’ve got things under control. The nonslip handle has a full 360° rotation to avoid harm to the fish and there’s an in-built scale in kilos on one side and pounds on the other side. The scale goes to 27 kg in 250g intervals or to 60lbs in ½ lbs intervals. The Kinetic Lip Grip will keep your fingers away from sharp teeth and dangerous hooks – a great tool for catch and release.

  • Built-in scale up to 27kg/60lbs
  • 360° rotation
  • Though stainless steel construction
  • Non-slip handle


Expected price level:

DKK: 499

SEK: 599

NOK: 599

€: 59

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