The last weeks have been incredible – just want to share a few of the highlights from the amazing fishing here in EU!

Jordan Hernandez, smashes his PB with a stunning French River pike of 123cm  – that inhaled a 15cm Cannibal shad in Black and white – WHAT a fish!!

Denis Skou also got it right – and landed the dream fish we all chase! The incredible pike measured 120cm by 58cm and pulled the scales to 13,8kg! Denis, is having incredible success trolling and drifting the 30cm Alien  and Real eel s from his Hobie Kayak!!
Huge congratz to Denis from Us!!

Uk Angler Martin Allison, with a superb cod of 27kg+/ 59½lbs he just caught on the Cutbait Herring In Mama Rosa Color!!
What a fish!!

Rikard Jonsson, hits the season running – with some Dirty pelagic dancing – with the Ultimate vertical lure – 20cm Sandeel slug in the 28g sandeel head! What a haul of fish – 90cm and 8280g – on top! The sandeel slug is one of the most incredible softlures – try for both fresh and saltwater species!!

Phil Blakey land yet another belter on the 25cm 4Play  – what a fantastic fish and the reward for great tactics and skill from one of our favorite lure fishing ambassadors!

This Time Marco got what he was after! A superb 111cm pike caught over deep water – slow trolling the 25cm 3D Herring Shad over deep water – the attack was totally crazy – right after the 3D Real Eel in 40cm – turns out to be a magic lure for Big Zanders! Marco lands another specimen during Pike fishing in clear water!

Salmon fishing in the Baltic have turned Silver Dreams! Ramus „Iceman“ and Capt. Sune keeps getting it right – with Savage Gear Herring spoons!! And check out the Savage Salmon Joker landed as part of a huge Salmon haul!!

Roy Van Streels  starts season red hot!! Sometimes everything falls into place and those are the moments that make up for the minor sessions. Past Punday was a total drama. All conditions seemed pretty good to produce some pike. But it’s never science! Me and my buds worked our ass of for almost nothing… Today the coin flipped in my favor. I was fishing the shallows with a deviator when just at the second cast i hooked the real deal! After a few nervous minutes I could shove my hand under her gills. I was a bit lucky as there was only one hook left in her jaw. This was monster size! Not only breaking the 1.20 cm barrier, also she was super heavy. Believe me, this photo is even an understatement for her weight! Wonder boy Roy!!

Dalien is back to work with another superb pike report using 4Play low rider stop-and-go style – what a fantastic fish – now what is next??

Brian Ahlers and Yvonne – with a good start to the Halibut season
150cm+ on the 32cm Herring Shad with the cutbait jig head! Notice the spinnerblade add on and our bigfish stinger!!

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