The new Scierra net range has been developed with uncompromising attention to materials and components. The nets make good use of specially designed triangle aluminum frames for ultimate strength and a Shake’n Dry mesh that allows you to dry the net in one single swoop. These light-weight and roomy nets are perfect, whether you’re fly fishing in fresh- or saltwater.

Four models are available with three all-purpose models included – the Trout Net (Medium and Large), the Coastal Net, and finally the River Folding Net (Trout and Salmon).

They feature the following:

Trout Net:

• Shake and dry mesh
• Ergonomic non-slip handle

Coastal Net:

• Shake and dry mesh
• Japanese EVA handle
• Floating

River Folding Net:

• Trout handle length 85-138cm
• Salmon handle length 85-138cm
• Shake and dry mesh
• Ultra light weight
• Carbon handle
• Back clip

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