Instinct says it all. The moment a new lure approaches the boat is the moment of truth. All those hours on the water and all hard-to-achieve big predator experience is boiled down to this short moment, when instinct tells if a lure is something special or not. Westin GoTeez is one of those lures that will make your instincts scream: “YES”! This hybrid between soft- and hardlure has a slow Westin Roll and a very fishlike behavior. It can be used for casting, trolling or as a slow sinking lure that any predator would attack “on the drop”. It’s simply a must have for vary pike and shy sander.


  • Lead Free Construction
  • Japanese style carbon steel hooks
  • Sinking – running depth: 1-5m+
  • Tail mounted double hook system
  • Front treble
  • Contains 1 head and 2 tails


Available 2013. Comes in 8 colors and one size (200 mm, 65 g)

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