The introduction of the Savage Gear Lip Skull last year created a massive buzz and since then loads of predatory fish have been caught using the Lip Skulls and 4Play Softlures. As a response, Savage Gear has now launched three new Lip Skulls that are not only suitable for the Soft 4Play lures (including the new 25cm version), but also for baitfish.


The Lip Skull range now offers the following additions:


4Play Lip Skull XL #3/0 Treble

This monster lip skull gives the 25cm soft 4Play the most amazing action. It is made with a trough-going stainless steel wire, so it will hold up for monster fish! Equipped with a 3/0 Japanese Savage Gear tournament treble hook. Also superb for big dead baitfish – a truly unique product. Ideal for Monster fish like Halibut, Muskies and big Pike.


Lip Skull UV Green and Red

Inspired by the port (red) and starboard (green) sides of a boat. Really superb UV effect and very visible in the water. Sizes available S, M, L


Lip Skull Baitfish Version – UV Clear

New addition to the range – pre-rigged for baitfish with 2 Japanese Savage Gear tournament treble hooks and practical wire harness. Extra gill pins supplied in pack. Available in Medium and Large sizes – perfect for herring, bleak and roach. The applications are numerous; Salmon, Trout, Pike, Zander, etc

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