Magic Minnow, Big Bob – 3 new colors

When it comes to catching monster cods no sea fishing lure does it better than the Big Bob jigs from Magic Minnow. This lure was introduced last year and soon became a favorite for specialist sea anglers targeting some of the biggest cods in the World. During the season it also proved to be a great for halibut fishing.

This year three new colors of the Big Bob are introduced just as the season for Skrei is starting. The three colors named Lively Clupea, Lively Pollac and Lively Melano are all realistic, fishlike colors that will work on days when the monsters are being a bit tricky.

Every year during late winter and early spring the so called “Skrei” – the big pelagic cods from the Barents Sea – gathers close to the coastline of northern Norway of to eat and spawn. The amount of fish is unbelievable and the biggest cods found here are the biggest cods found anywhere in the World. Big Bob is designed to play with these big boys as well as the biggest halibuts. No matter if you are out to set a new European cod record or out to catch a big “barren door”, you now have the choice of trying Big Bob in two sizes: Big Bob at 480g and 30cm or the really Big Bob at 730g and 40cm.

  • 2 models: 480g/30cm – 730g/40 cm
  • Designed for huge cod
  • Active eyes
  • Durable painting
  • Ultra sharp and strong sea fishing hook
  • Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
  • Great swimming-action
  • 100+ Lbs PE braid assist hook rig included
  • Heavy wire Japanese style saltwater treble


Big Bob jigs contains lead and are not sold in Denmark.

Delfin, Stikling

Many places in Norway sticklebacks are abundant in both fresh- and saltwater – and big trout’s love to feed on them. As the Norwegian name suggest, Stikling is made to mimic sticklebacks and other small baitfish. When designing this lure, Arnulf Hoff shaped a back that works a little like a keel. It keeps the lure in balance and ads to the teasing side-to-side movements that no fish can resist.

History of Delfin: Back in 1882 Arnulf Hoff created the first Delfin lures to be sold from his jeweler shop in Norway. As a jeweler and goldsmith he was always paying attention to details and his lures soon became a popular choice for anglers all over Scandinavia. The Delfin lures you buy today are based on the knowledge and craftsmanship of the man who created them so many years ago…

  • Materials: Copper (Cu)
  • Genuine silver plating (Ag) on some models
  • Hook: Eagle Claw L374G Bronze #6 and 4
  • Designed and Developed in Norway

Delfin Stikling is available in 10g/58mm, 16g/75mm and in 5 different colors (Cu/Red, Ag/Red, Cu/Ag, Ag/Blue, Cu/Black)


Edge Dynamic Gipsy Concept


Bring these rods wherever you go. The Edge Dynamic Gipsy Concept makes it easy to bring a quality fishing rod anywhere – and we really mean anywhere. These multi section rods are strong, reliable, sensitive and extremely packable. You don’t have to worry about airline restrictions, over packed cars or rod with transport lengths that are not suited for a rough mountain bike ride. Pack your Gipsy Concept rod down to a size easily fitted in a backpack and it will go where you go!


Edge Dynamic ML Spin – Gipsy Concept

The further you head into the wilderness, the handier and more enjoyable you will find your Gipsy Concept rod. This little compact multi length rod has a one foot part to be placed in front of the handle if a longer rod is needed i.e. for long distance casting. It’s a perfect rod for various types of fishing including all types of trout fishing. The 8’/9’ version has a perfect feel and action you would only expect from a one-piece rod and it’s all fitted into a compact transport size of 210 g and only 54 cm (less than two feet)!

  • Reel Seat: Fuji® IPS
  • Guides: SeaGuide OS-SS
  • Blank: ’TORAY’ High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
  • Premium grade cork handle
  • Reinforced with 90° Carbon and 3K Woven Carbon
  • Genuine spigot joint with red epoxy
  • Delivered in rod tube


Edge Dynamic ML Spin Gipsy Concept has an optional length of 8 or 9 feet, 6 sections and a casting weight of 7-30 g.


Westin TwinTeez

This split tail body is ideal for vertical fishing. It has the perfect softness and movement to tease any old zander and to react on even the slightest twitch of a rodtip. The pre-shaped front makes it easy to fit onto a Westin RoundUp or ThouchDown jig head. Westin TwinTeez has an interior, horizontal chamber to hold one of the glass/stainless steel rattle-sticks included in the package. Compared to ordinary rattle-sticks the glass rattles maximizes the rattle acoustics.

  • Forked twin-tail
  • Optimized flexibility
  • Interior chamber for rattle stick
  • Pre-shaped front to fit jig heads (Westin RoundUp/Touchdown)
  • Two rattle-sticks included
  • Glass/steel rattles for best acoustics

Westin TwinTeez comes in two sizes: 6”/15.3cm (5-pack) and a big 8”/20.4cm (4-pack) version for targeting huge midwater zanders. They are available in 18 different colors – including some color combinations never seen before.


Great Heron

One of Scandinavias most popular trout lures is now available in 6 new, great colors that will work in almost any situation from low light and dirty water to bright sunshine.

Great Heron is a lure designed according to Finnish lure traditions. It was created and tested in cooperation with experienced anglers from Finland and Sweden. Right from the very beginning it has proved to be a highly efficient lure – not only for trout and salmon, but also for species like asp, perch and pike. Great Heron can be retrieved fast or slow. Regardless of the speed it has a very vivid action that will trigger the bite. No wonder this lure has become one of the most popular lures in Scandinavia!

  • Lead free construction
  • Material: ABS plastic / Zinc
  • Hook: VMC 9649 BN
  • Hook size:#6 / #5 / #4
  • Stay On – double split ring hook mount
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia

Available in 13g/55mm, 18g/77mm and 22g/83mm


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