Over the last couple of years, Scierra has really asserted itself as one of the top producers of fly reels. Especially the TX2+ and XDP+ reels have created a buzz, and now two new reels are ready to further develop the line up; the TX1 and the Orbit fly reel.

The large arbor Scierra Orbit reel is a high quality entry-level reel with a super cool design. It features a relatively simple but very strong construction as well as a smooth and stable drag system, and it is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

The reel features the following:

• High polished die-cast and machine cut reel construction
• Tough black anodizing
• Lightweight large arbor design
• Water resistant brake system
• Smooth and stable drag system with easy adjustment access

Specs are as follows:

44092 # 5/6 Black 85mm WF6 + 120yds 20lbs 170g
44093 # 7/9 Black 95mm WF8 + 130yds 20lbs 180g

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