DAM wins Efttex award for best new monofilament 2012
During the 31st Efttex exhibition in Paris on SaturEfttex Award: Best New Softlure Real Eelday the 2nd of June, DAM has won the prestigious Eftta best new product 2012 award for the new Damyl® Tectan® Superior Monofilament. We are extremely proud to receive the recognition of the jury that consists of international industry experts and journalists, and to win in one of the toughest product categories to compete in; best new monofilament.

We have worked very hard to create this wonderful high quality fishing line and we are convinced it will impress anglers all over the world.

DAMYL® Tectan® Superior
As early as 1937 DAM introduced synthetic monofilament fishing line on the European market under the brand name Damyl®. In the years after that, Damyl® would become synonymous for fishing line in Europe. Thanks to its unmatched characteristics that make it such a fantastic fishing line, Tectan® is probably the most legendary fishing line in the Damyl® family.

Literally millions of anglers all over the world have enjoyed great results over the many years that Tectan® has been on the market. The line therefore has helped set numerous new fishing records. Now, 75 years after the first Damyl® line was introduced, DAM brings a brand new Tectan® version that offers a higher breaking strength, less memory, and a splendid abrasion resistance.

The proven special UV-protective treatment, as well as the low visibility yellow-green colour that are so characteristic for Tectan®, have been continued in the new Tectan® Superior. Thanks to the smooth surface, knots will pull very tight and compact, and the line glides through the water effortlessly.

The Tectan® Superior series consists of a main line for reels, special reinforced ultra-strong hooklink, a soft leader material and 100% fluorocarbon. There is a Tectan® line for any type of fishing.

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