131cm – 19,5kg Pike on Butch Lure!

Savage Gear team member and guide, Fred Kotowski, had an incredible day today – topped by this absolute monster of 131cm and 19,5kg!!
Butch Lure 21cm in Zander color – drift and casting over big weed Bed! BAM!! What a monster –

Congratz to Fred from us at Savage Gear!!

The Butch lure now encountered for 2 fish over 18,5kg this season alone!!

From 93cm Zander on the Real Eel!! Birger Domeyer, from German magazine – FISCH & FANG Tells us:
Some days ago you sent us some of your new Real-Eels for our magazine After photographing, I took one of it to try it for big zander. And they like this bait very much. The attacks were very brutal and the big fish just destroyed it after one day of fishing!

122cm pike for Wim Schut – on the Real eel – first try, Talk about Instant success

More to follow on the 3D Real Eel – it just wont stop!!

Also – check out this insane clip – with a double hook up with Halibut from Hell !! – 179cm and 180cm at the same time – talk about mayhem – both fish released off course!

Cutbait Herring – again and again – Mama Rosa and Green Glow this time!

If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture – we cant get enough!!

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