The ultra lightweight, responsive high modulus carbon fibre blanks, which the Saltwater Lure Fishing Rods have been built on, are developed to give maximum casting distance, but still keep the perfect forgiving tipped action to play seabass, seatrout and cod on thin unelastic braids. The shorter rods are perfect for vertical jigging with Savage Gear Sandeel soft lures – they are ultra sensitive and are therefore perfect for detecting even the slightest take. All rods are built with the very finest saltwater grade components from ALPS – no compromises made!

• ALPS Saltwater grade Reel seats
• ALPS Saltwater Guides
• Super Hard Japanese EVA handles
• Durable high modulus Carbon Blanks

43555 7’ 210cm 8-30g / Vertical >45g 2sec 110cm 150g Tipped
43556 7’4” 228cm 10-45g / Vertical >75g 2sec 116cm 182g Tipped
43557 7’4” 228cm 15-65g / Vertical >150g 2sec 116cm 190g Tipped
43558 8’6” 258cm 20-60g 2sec 134cm 216g Tipped
43559 9’2” 279cm 15-42g 2sec 144cm 215g Tipped

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