Savage Gear is continually building and further developing its team of consultants to be able to test new gear and lures in depth. For 2013, the team – which already consists of 20 of the most accomplished and technically gifted anglers in Europe – will find itself upgraded with the additions of Roy Vanstreels and Ella Micalsen. They are great all-round predator fishermen, and here is a little introduction:


Roy Vanstreels:

Roy Vanstreels is a 27 year old pike-aholic from Belgium. For many years he has been fishing for toothy predators with great dedication. Almost every pike, he has caught casting! His PB of 1,30m was the result of two years of hardheaded fishing on a particular spring spot. In the summertime it’s all about the fastest freshwater predator living in his local streams, the asp!


Roy is always critical about his angling gear and always searching for the right lure for the right conditions. For his pike fishing he’s not afraid of using the biggest baits in the box. Besides his angling, Roy has a passion for cinematography and extreme sports.


Ella Micalsen

Ella has been fishing since she was 6 years old and is totally passionate about pikes. As a young girl – when she wasn’t out chasing pike in the Swedish archipelagos, she went deep-sea fishing for halibut with her father in Northern Norway or went hiking on the tundra fishing for brown trout and arctic char.


She is a certified and licensed fishing guide that wants to become a role model for women and girls that haven’t yet been bitten by the wonderful bug that fishing is. She also works as a specialized fishing guide for disabled people that love to fish, taking them out on guided tours in custom made FRED 25 boats. Getting more girls and women to start fishing is another goal for Ella that arranges fishing camps for girls in Sweden.


Ella tells us „This year, I will dedicate all my time, going for the really big ones!“


BIG welcome to the Savage Team, Ella and Roy!

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