World-famous angler, television celebrity and specimen hunter Jakub Vagner has joined top German tackle firm D.A.M. Jakub, who is also a leading photographer, author and holder of four International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records, will be working exclusively with D.A.M. initially on its MADCAT brand. His expertise, skills and knowledge will help him become the driving force behind the fast-growing brand with plans for him to also help with the Quick reel brand, MAD carp brand and predator brand Effzett in the near future.Jakub will be officially unveiled as a D.A.M. representative at this year’s EFTTEX in Brussels, Belgium and he will be ever-present on the DAM booth (E16) throughout the exhibition.
Jakub: “I didn’t have to think long if I wanted to hook up with D.A.M. because I have known D.A.M. ever since I was a little kid. I couldn’t even imagine that I would ever be a part of D.A.M. So, you could say it is partially sentiment. I also see it as a challenge to help D.A.M. boost its fast growing MADCAT® brand. We all see the potential and it makes all of us excited. We can do something there; bring MADCAT® to a whole new level. I look forward to working with the D.A.M. product managers, Achim Regelein and Lucas van der Geest, who is, like me, a well-known and respected catfish pioneer.”
D.A.M.-boss, Jesper Bach Sørensen: “We are proud to have Jakub on board. His impressive tackle knowledge and fishing experience can only help us improve our range. Of course, we also get feedback from our other test-anglers, but I think it is safe to say that Jakub is a league on its own.  We have ambitious plans with MADCAT® and we are confident that Jakub can help us make a big impression on the market. Watch out for MADCAT®.”

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