The Trolling and Downrigger Rods are designed using ultra lightweight, and very durable blanks that have been developed to give perfect performance during trolling with Downriggers, Dipsy divers and Paravanes under tough Scandinavian conditions – both in saltwater and freshwater. Guides and components are made to last, even under the toughest fishing in rough conditions – again, no compromises made!

• ALPS Saltwater grade Reel seats
• Stainless silk Saltwater Guides
• Super Hard Japanese EVA handles
• Light weight Durable Carbon Blanks
• Non slips rubber gimbal buttcap

43560 Trolling 7’ 213cm 10-20lbs 2sec 110cm 220g
43561 Trolling 8’ 243cm 10-20lbs 2sec 126cm 246g
43562 Trolling 8’ 243cm 12-25lbs 2sec 126cm 250g
43563 Trolling Baltic Salmon 8’ 243cm 15-30lbs 2sec 126cm 258g
43564 Trolling 8’6” 258cm 12-25lbs 2sec 134cm 266g
43565 Trolling Dipsy 9’ 270cm 15-30lbs 2sec 137cm 270g

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