What a long winter it has been?

While we wait for the spring to hit us here is a few highlights from the past couple of weeks!!

Spain: Whilst big parts of EU battles a snow storm – Guillermo Carmona, is having a blast with the 3D Herring Shads for big Zeds in Spain – 89cm and fat- 19cm Herring shad in Clown color!!

Spain: Guillermo Carmona, in close encounter with one savage beast!The super fish hit a 19cm Soft 4Play in a lipscul and put up a great battle!!

UK: Ashley Bugden from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, caught this monster 4lb+  perch on the 15cm Real Eel!! What a fish!!

UK: Downsizing Produced an awesome days Lure fishing For Anthony Glascoe. Using the Wolfram Traces and various Lures from Our Insane Finesse Range we hammered the Fry feeding Pike. We had a total of 20 Pike on the bank in this mega session, including 10 over 10lbs, with the biggest at 22lbs. We Started at 8.30 am and finished our session at 9.30 PM..Rock n Roll, watch out for the full story very soon.

Denmark: Rikard Jonsson’ s best fish from his Short trip to Denmark!! very cold and harsh conditions – but Richard had great time – and nailed several big Perch with the 4Play Shad in the clown color! a true Viking

Norway: Danish Angler Max, smashes through the magic 30kg+ mark – with this monster Cod of 35kg+!! on the new 32cm Herring shad in Blue silver – fished on a cutbait jigghead – guided by our new partner Norway Guidefishing – check them out here: http://www.norwayguidefishing.blogspot.dk/

Croatia: Dalien get another biggie „Pike season opening is around the corner and often the action is not early on as my next story will witness. I went to fish a smaller private venue available for pike fishing to do some tackle testing for Okuma, but the conditions were not what I hoped for. Though this lake has a fair population of pike the three of us could no…t get bit for 4 hours. The sun was bright, ice has just melted and pike were completely shut down. I tried basically everything I knew, but there was no takes. It became to clear that it`s is going to be a waiting game for at least some window of activity.
After hours of hard fishing a small group of clouds shuttered the sun and wind picked up a bit. Conditions slightly changed and finally I was rewarded with this big and fat lady that took Prey 115 on my super confident inactive pike presentation, stop and go retrieve! I caught another smaller one in next 10 minutes, and that was it for the rest of the day – 10 minutes of activity for the entire day!
When pike are inactive always try fishing with pauses, it just might be your ticket for sluggish early spring pike”

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